Feminine warrior

For so many centuries women have been oppressed. Not just women but many other entities such as races with a darker skin because white men decided those should be the minority. In this writing I want to focus particularly on the oppression of women in general, of any color, culture or race.

For some reason we’ve always gotten a certain role we should follow and we’re expected to act, dress and think according to that role. Since young girls we’re stripped off of our freedom and we’re told what to do. If a girl wants to play with a miniature truck or car, we are told those toys are for boys and that girls should play with dolls. The pink color is for girls and blue for boys, therefore we shouldn’t choose blue as our favorite color but pink instead.

We like to climb trees, jump over small rivers and take risks but usually we are told that it’s too dangerous for a girl so we shouldn’t do that. It’s not even just fathers that tell us that but mothers as well, as they are so far away from their true savage feminine self.

It’s actually simple brainwash that starts from the day you are born until the day you wake up and decide it’s enough and you want to listen to your inner self and do things differently. For some that comes at a late age, for others at a young age and there are those that never experience that wake up.

I must say that some places stick more to those patterns than others and it’s not the same everywhere but that women are still oppressed and have less rights than men is a fact in each country.

I strive for equality, I want that all women all over the world have the same rights, the same options, the same freedom and liberty as men do. That means that women should be allowed to express themselves just as they are, choose the kind of education they want to follow and not be manipulated by anyone to do things a certain way. We should all have freedom to make our own decisions and decide what is best for us. After all, we all have our intuition and know better than anyone what it is that we need and we should do. Someone else can’t tell us or know what is best for us, we all know that for ourselves. We should better be taught to listen to our intuition and follow our inner voice, so we can achieve great things and be examples for one another.

I’m lucky to have had that freedom to grow up exactly the way I felt I wanted to. I’ve been through so many different stages of being a very girly girl wearing skirts and making bracelets, to a boyish girl, playing football and climbing in trees. I remember when I started playing football I was literally the only girl in the whole club, so I had no other choice but to join a boys team. I didn’t mind though because I didn’t see the difference, I just wanted to play football and it didn’t matter whether it was with girls or boys. At that same age I wanted to learn karate, also considered a boys sport but I joined anyway. I played the drums, was a rapper wearing men’s clothes, a skydiver, a kickboxer and eventually a muay thai fighter and I traveled alone since the age of 17. All of these by society considered for men and not for women. My parents never told me I shouldn’t do something because it was for boys, I always had the liberty to choose what I enjoyed to do.

Since being a little girl I’ve always had the strong sense of showing that women are capable of doing the same things as men. That there shouldn’t be any difference in what we’re allowed to do just based on our gender. It’s something I have inside of me since the day I was born. It’s my inner self, my intuition, the warrior inside of me that has always been active and that each women carries inside of her. Let’s help each other to wake up that inner feminine warrior we carry inside.

Spiritual awakening

I remember I suddenly woke up in the middle of the night, it was all dark around me and my ex-husband was asleep next to me. I felt something I never felt before passing within my body. I felt an intense energy starting at my root chakra and flowing through my whole body, first going up to my head and then back down to my feet and it kept flowing so strongly that I couldn’t lie still. I didn’t have a clue about what was going on but it felt as a relieve, it felt good and I could feel an intense love for everyone and everything. I could see a bright white light shining and I felt as if I was a part of that white light, it felt peaceful.

The days leading up to this particular experience was a preparation that I wasn’t consciously aware of. Three days before it happened, I was meditating on my bed and suddenly felt a sense of energy coming from the palms of my hands. It was as if I was holding a little ball but there was nothing on my hands or near my hands. You could compare the sensation with a tingling, tickling feeling as if your hands are freezing and now they just started to get warm again. The thing is, I wasn’t freezing, neither cold, neither warm and I suddenly started feeling that energy in my hands. Once I realized I wasn’t crazy and I was really feeling an energy I started to feel very thankful and happy with the gift that was waking up.

I told my friend, who is a holistic therapist, and she told me it was something really good because the energy in the hands are the energy lines of giving. I was given the gift of healing people through the universal energy.

The next day during meditation I suddenly felt the same sense of energy on the soles of my feet. So now I could feel it in my hands and I could feel it in my feet. There came a huge sensation of gratitude over me as I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly happy with the changes happening in my body. It was a confirmation that there is more to life than just the materialistic way of living.

On the third day I was coloring a mandala and suddenly felt the sense of energy on the top of my head flowing in and out. I started feeling as if I was high on drugs, merely dizzy but a comfortable dizziness, not scary as if you’re going to faint. That’s when I realized this was something bigger and the energy lines were just opening up one by one. I went to sleep that night feeling calm, grateful for the changes and didn’t think about anything else.

That night I had my spiritual awakening, without knowing what a spiritual awakening is and my whole life changed.

I felt overwhelmed with energy, so peaceful but also as if I could run a whole marathon without having done any training. I didn’t know what to do with that energy and I didn’t know where it came from either. I went to see my friend and she did a therapy session to calm the energy down. I was lucky to have someone like her, otherwise I wouldn’t have known how to deal with it at that moment. The most interesting was that all my pains were gone, the hip injury I had for more than eight years was painless. It was as if all ailments had left my body and I got a reset to start over again.

From this moment on, I have been able to do healing sessions with people through energy and whenever I do a healing session, I get information that I need to pass on to that person. I can’t stop but be amazed by this gift that has woken up in me and have been developing on a daily basis. I started doing healing sessions nearby and at a distance, with friends that live in other cities or other countries and they claimed to have gotten better. I am so grateful for this gift and I know there are so many people around the world that carry this gift with them. They only need to wake up their consciousness and they can start healing themselves and others as well. We need all of us to do this so we can heal mother earth because she’s hurting, she’s bleeding and we as a human species are responsible for that. So are we for her healing.

Amor incondicional

He tenido suficientes relaciones en esta vida y ahora basta de aceptar relaciones no saludables y destructivos. Desde ahora cambio mi perspectiva sobre las relaciones. En primer lugar, una relación saludable comienza con la relación que tengo conmigo mismo, respetándome a mí mismo, amándome a mí mismo y haciendo las cosas que amo hacer y alegran mi vida. No tengo restricciones que me quiten la libertad de crecimiento y desarrollo personal. Nunca más volveré a cortar mis propias alas para volar. Yo vuelo a donde quiero ir y tan alto como quiero ir. La persona que está preparada para volar conmigo es más que bienvenida y será recibida con amor y compasión. Las alas de esa persona serán tan fuertes como las mías para que ambos podamos tener la libertad de crecer donde sea necesario.

Las personas somos como árboles, tenemos muchas raíces diferentes y nuestras ramas crecen en diferentes direcciones. A veces nuestras hojas se caen y crecerán hojas nuevas, brillantes y verdes y más hermosas que nunca. Este ciclo continuará toda nuestra vida, por lo que no debemos tener miedo al cambio, sino recibirlo con los brazos abiertos.

Una relación entre dos personas debe ser como un bote de madera en un río tranquilo. El río ayuda al bote, con el flujo del agua, a llegar a su destino y la tranquilidad de su corriente asegura que llegue allí de manera segura. Si el bote decide que quiere ir en una dirección diferente, usará sus remos y la corriente del agua la ayudará a llegar a la otra dirección. Al revés, el bote nunca detendrá el flujo del agua y el río siempre podrá fluir en su propia dirección. Hay una armonía, un entendimiento y un acuerdo entre el bote y el río. Ambos tienen la capacidad de fluir en sus propias direcciones y ninguno impedirá que el otro vaya a ninguna parte.

Las restricciones en una relación impiden el crecimiento personal porque no le está dando la libertad que uno necesita. En una verdadera relación armoniosa y amorosa que consiste en amor incondicional, no hay lugar ni necesidad de celos, trampas, enojo u odio porque se respetan mutuamente y disfrutan tanto de su libertad en la relación que tienen que nunca arriesgan a perder este amor incondicional. Te encanta ver crecer al otro y alentarlo a hacer lo que su corazón desea. En una relación con amor incondicional no habrá trampas porque obtienes el espacio que necesitas para crecer, lo que evita los deseos de estar con otra persona. Respetas esa libertad tanto que sabes y sientes que te estarías engañando a ti mismo si engañaras a tu otra mitad. Romperías esa conexión tan pura e intensa que tienes y eso es algo que nunca quieras que suceda.

El amor incondicional es libertad, honestidad y comprensión.

Unconditional love

I’ve had my fair share of relationships in this life and now I’m done with accepting unhealthy and destructive relationships. I am changing my perspective on relationships right now. First of all, a healthy relationship starts with the relationship I have with myself, respecting myself, loving myself and doing the things I love to do and bring joy to my life. I don’t have any restrictions that take away my liberty of growth and self-development. I will and shall never again cut my own wings to fly. I fly to wherever I want to go and as high as I want to go. The person that is prepared to fly with me is more than welcome and shall be received with love and compassion. The wings of that person shall be just as strong as my own so we can both have the liberty to grow wherever we need to grow to.

Us people are like trees, we have so many different roots and our branches grow in different directions. Sometimes our leafs fall down and new leafs will grow, bright and green and more beautiful than ever. This cycle will continue all of our life, so we shouldn’t be scared of change but instead embrace it with our arms wide open.

A relationship between two people should be like a wooden boat on a calm river. The river helps the boat, with the flow of the water, to get to its destination and the calmness of its current makes sure it gets there safely. If the boat decides it wants to go in a different direction, it shall use its oars and the current of the water will help her get to the other direction. The other way around, the boat will never stop the water from flowing and the river shall always be able to flow in its own direction. There is a harmony, an understanding and an agreement between the boat and the river. Both have the ability to flow in their own directions and neither will stop the other from going anywhere.

Restrictions in a relationship prevent personal growth because you are not giving the freedom that one needs. In a true harmonious and loving relationship that consists of unconditional love, there is no room or need for jealousy, cheating, anger, or hate because you fully respect each other and you enjoy your freedom so much in the relationship you have that you would never risk losing this unconditional love. You love seeing the other grow and encourage the other to do what his/her heart desires. In a relationship with unconditional love there won’t be any cheating because you get the space you need to grow which avoids the desires of being with someone else. You respect that freedom so much that you know and you feel that you would be cheating on yourself if you would cheat on your other half. You would break that connection so pure and intense you have and that’s something you don’t ever want to happen.

Unconditional love is freedom, truth and comprehension.

Learning languages

Recently someone asked me how many languages I speak and I told him I speak three languages fluently, Spanish, English and Dutch. Then I speak the basics of Thai and I understand everything of Fries, which is a native language from the province Friesland in the Netherlands, but I never learned to speak it. The next language I want to learn is French, as it has been fascinating me for quite some time now.

Why do I spend time learning languages? Because I love to learn, I’m a very curious person and if I can keep on developing myself, I will. I believe the best way to grow as a person is to nurture our brain, soul, body and mind constantly. Whenever I feel an interest in learning something, and that can be anything, I focus on what I want to learn and I look up information. I make sure I inform myself as much as possible until I feel that I know enough about it and something else catches my attention.

Now, some people wonder how I’m able to speak different languages fluently and most of all how I’ve been able to learn languages in short amounts of time. So, I’ll give a few tips here that have worked for me to learn languages without paying a lot of money and how I’ve been able to learn it quickly.

  1. Start watching movies/series in the language you want to learn and put subtitles in your own language. When you understand a bit more you can change the subtitles to the original language so you stop translating in your mind and just simply understand the other language.
  2. Listen to music in the language you’re learning and look up the lyrics. Sing along with the song so you learn the correct pronunciation and then translate the lyrics so you also understand what the song is about. Repeating the same song will help you memorize the words.
  3. Did you know that we can learn up to 7 new words each day? Choose 7 words you will need to use regularly, for example: verbs, and write them down. Repeat the words out loud numerous times and then make a small exam for yourself. The next day you check again if you know the correct translation and you’ll see that you remember.
  4. Look up websites with online free language courses and start practicing on the websites. Mostly you can learn the basics of languages on these websites, which is very important, to start off well. For example www.thaipod101.com offers free membership, which I use to practice Thai.
  5. Make friends with people that speak the language you’re learning and tell them you want to speak in their language. Obligate yourself to speak that language and step over your embarrassment or worries of speaking incorrectly.
  6. Learn from your mistakes! Speak in the language you’re learning and every time someone corrects you, try to write it down on a piece of paper or on your phone, whatever is closest and easiest at that moment. It will help you to remember because you wrote it down and when you’re not sure you can still check what the correct word was.
  7. Live in the country where they speak the language you’re learning, do an internship, work there or do voluntary work. It’s the perfect way to learn a language quickly and correctly because you don’t have a lot of options to speak your own language and you’ll be forced to speak the language your learning. It’s great practice !
  8. Try to find free audio lessons or maybe a friend has some audio lessons and put it on your phone. When you have to drive to work, school, training or wherever,  you can just turn on the audio lessons and listen to it while you’re on the way. That makes sure you practice every day, which is one of the most important factors in learning a language.
  9. Daily practice and believe in your capabilities !


Sometimes we are so worried to fit in society, to be part of a group and to belong somewhere that we do everything in our capabilities to not be ´that person´ that stays behind or is always left outside the group. We fear to be misunderstood if we show our emotions and our true feelings so we keep them to ourselves. If you don´t say out loud what you feel or think, you avoid the risk of being ridiculed and you protect your vulnerability. We end up doing the same things every day, over and over again, although we feel it´s not what we want to do. We stay with the same person because once we said we were going to be together forever, even though we feel it´s not right anymore and we both have grown in different directions. We´re afraid of criticism, being judged by other people, so we stick to what we´re used to and we won´t be exposed to negative judgement.
When you surpass this fear of judgement and start doing whatever it is that you feel you should be doing, you will feel liberated. You will see that the right people and the opportunities to change your destiny will come onto your path all at the right time. You will have new friendships, new opinions, new social life circles and a clearer vision of what you´re life should look like. You won´t worry about the negative opinions of other people anymore because you know that what you´re doing is the right thing to do. Above all, you will meet like-minded people that will understand your vision, even though before you thought you were all alone in this. Actually, you are never alone and everything that you´re feeling has been felt by someone else as well. Maybe you haven´t met those people yet but they will cross your path sooner or later and you´ll understand the natural energetic connections and alignment of your soul and you´re life´s path. When you get to that point, there is no turning back, neither do you ever want to go back because you understand that it has all been a very important life lesson that brought you to the place you´re at now.

Be diverse, be you, we learn and grow all the time, don´t fear the unknown and flow with life.


On the way back in the airplane, I sat next to a friendly young man and we had an interesting conversation. He comes from Afghanistan but left his home country to find a better life and to study abroad. It is very clear that there are many problems in his homecountry and that actually, unlike what many people think, a lot of them are against the governors in their country and consider the IS and Taliban to be extremists. They do not agree with them and definitely don’t want to live their lifes as they are told to do.

This young man understands that the people that do follow these extremist ideals, is because of ignorance and/or fear. He doesn’t want to partake in this at all but feels a responsability towards his own wellbeing and education so he won’t be an ignorant person.

During our conversation I told him about my visit and how I also see some of my friends being very materialistic and shutting themselves off from any source of information to educate themselves. I feel hurt when I’m not able to let them see the beauty of living in harmony and focus on social structures instead of being selfish and only focused on having as much materials as possible.

Then he made a great argument, to which I agree completely. It’s all about leading by example, without arrogance, to show, what life can be about. Instead of distanciating us from people that have these believes or thoughts, we should keep contact with them because we’re their bridge to information that leads to wisdom. If we’re not there, the bridge will collapse and they won’t get on the other side, which is exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve. We have to show them, through love and guidance, that life has a deeper meaning and that true happiness lies within us.

The world is completely unbalanced, we have ‘rich’ countries and ‘poor’ countries, and there is little effort to get it balanced. We believe it’s important that educated people, with the right tools, from ‘rich’ countries, should go out and help the people in ‘poor’ countries. People from ‘rich’ countries have way more opportunities than the people from ‘poor’ countries. That’s why it depends on people from ‘rich’ countries to help out the rest and it depends on people from ‘poor’ countries to receive this help so they can be open towards change and improvement. Also people from ‘rich’ countries will see with this kind of work that there is a lot more to life than just financial and materialistic wellbeing. It’s a job we have to do together and ignorance is a choice for ‘wealthy’ people, so make the right choice.

Thank you for reading this and comment if you’d like, I’m always open to other people’s insights.

Spiritual path

A beautiful three weeks have come to an end. It’s finally time to go back home and I am completely ready for it. I’m very content with the experiences I’ve had in the last couple of weeks. It was a journey of personal growth, lessons, teachings and most important of all, spending time with family. My goal was to reconnect the family’s bond and I think I’ve been able to do that. I did healings, consciously and unconsciously and I’m glad that the first one I did a healing on was my auntie. I really hope it helped her and she will be able to open up and continue on her spiritual path and awaken just as I did. I’ve seen many friends that are very close to the awakening and they are very interested in this spiritual path and I’m so happy to see that they are conscious that there is something more. It’s the only way to turn the tables around and make this earth a loving and peaceful place in which everything is treated with the same love and respect as it deserves.

The natural disasters happening right now are signs but so many people are blind to it and choose to be ignorant. Our life’s aren’t made to be focusing on materialism, instead, it’s about being one with the universe. We have to love each other, spend time with each other in real life, connect ourselves with mother earth and the rest of our solar system and even further than that. We have to connect with ourselves, our inner light, our truth, our soul deep within us and each of us has the capability to do that. We have to let go of our ego’s and understand that we aren’t what society, culture or our parent’s and generations before that have made us believe we are.

We are light

‘Zona de confort’

Escucho a muchas personas que me dicen que quieren hacer algo más con su vida. No están contentos con su situación actual, ni con su trabajo ni con su relación o circunstancias dentro de sus familias. Cuando les pregunto qué están haciendo para cambiar su situación, en realidad nunca tienen una respuesta. Solo escucho muchas excusas de por qué no pueden cambiar su situación y siguen los mismos viejos hábitos y permanecen dentro de su “zona de confort”. Sin embargo, el problema con la “zona de confort” es que puede ser un ambiente negativo y le impide crecimiento personal y cambio en general.

Aunque te encuentres en un entorno negativo, es difícil salir de él porque estás tan acostumbrado y piensas que aquí es donde se supone que debes estar. Todos aprendemos a establecer objetivos y seguir nuestros objetivos sin importar qué, y debemos hacer lo que la sociedad nos dice. El gobierno y nuestra religión nos han enseñado en casa, en las escuelas, en qué debemos creer, cómo debemos pensar, cómo debemos actuar y qué debemos saber. Nos han encerrado en una pequeña caja y nos enseñan a permanecer dentro de esa caja y seguir haciendo las cosas que nos enseñaron a hacer.

Sin embargo, a veces, los objetivos que hemos establecido no son los correctos porque no representan lo que realmente somos y hemos establecido esos objetivos cuando estuvimos completamente desconectados de nuestro verdadero ser interior. Si encuentras en el camino que todo está yendo en tu contra para lograr tu objetivo, entonces deberísa reconsiderar si estas tomando el camino correcto. A veces, ni siquiera el objetivo es incorrecto, sino solo el camino que estas tomando para alcanzar ese objetivo y debes seguir un camino diferente. Lo más importante es que debes escuchar tu intuición y sentir lo que es correcto para ti.

Si crees que tu objetivo no es correcto o ya no representa quién eres tu, puedes cambiar tu objetivo. No hay nada de malo en el cambio, ya que todos envejecemos, obtenemos puntos de vista diferentes, cambiamos nuestras opiniones y vemos el mundo desde una perspectiva diferente. No te quedes con algo solo porque lo dijiste una vez, ya que sientes que ya no es para ti. Establezca nuevas metas y confíe en tu poder interno y tu intuición que sabe lo que es mejor para ti.

Cuando haya establecido nuevas metas, comience a hacer planes sobre cómo lograrlas y sea de mente abierta. Intenta ver los diferentes caminos que puedes tomar y elige el correcto. No tiene que ser la más fácil, la mayoría de las veces no es la más fácil, pero será la más gratificante. Una recompensa no es solo dinero, una recompensa es mucho más grande que eso, no te quedes atrapado en el mundo materialista. Las recompensas son lecciones de vida, perspectivas, opiniones, cambios, progreso, ayudar a otros y convertirse o ser una buena persona.

Si pensamos que no somos capaces de lograr algo porque pensamos que es demasiado difícil, entonces nunca podremos lograrlo. Se trata de nuestra mentalidad. Es muy importante creer en ti mismo y si lo que haces beneficiará a otros también, estás haciendo lo correcto.

No tengas miedo de salir de tu “zona de confort”, acepta el cambio, da los pasos y haz lo que creas que es adecuado para ti. No dejes que otros te digan lo que debes o no debes hacer. Todos somos únicos y todos vinimos a este planeta para hacer algo especial. No necesitas ser famoso para hacer algo especial, no necesitas ser millonario para hacer algo especial. Para hacer algo especial, debes mantenerte fiel a ti mismo y encontrar alegría en lo que haces.

Si haces lo correcto, el universo te ayudará a alcanzar esos objetivos y no tendras que preocuparte por las finanzas, el desempleo, tu hipoteca o las facturas a pagar. Todo encajará en su lugar, siempre que realice el trabajo por las razones correctas y con una actitud positiva.

Cree en tus propias capacidades.

‘comfort zone’

I listen to many people telling me that they want to do something else with their life. They are not happy with their current situation, either with their job or their relationship or circumstances within their families. When I ask them what they are doing to change their situation they never really have an answer. I only hear lots of excuses of why they are not able to change their situation and they stick with the same old habits and stay within their ‘comfort zone’. The issue with the ‘comfort zone’ though, is that it can be a negative environment and it withholds you from personal growth and change in general.

Even though you’re in a negative environment, it’s hard to get out of it because you are so used to it and think that this is where you are supposed to be. We all learn to set goals and follow our goals no matter what and we should do what society tells us. We’ve been taught at home, in schools, by the government and by our religion, what we should believe in, how we should think, how we should act and what we should know. We’ve been enclosed into a small box and are taught to stay inside that box and just keep doing the things we were taught to do.

Sometimes though, the goals we’ve set aren’t the correct ones because they do not represent who we truly are and we’ve set those goals being completely disconnected from our true inner self. If you find along the way that everything is working against you to achieve your goal then you should reconsider if you’re taking the correct road. Sometimes it’s not even the goal that is incorrect but just the road you are taking to achieve that goal and you should follow a different road. Most importantly you should listen to your intuition and feel what is right for you.

If you feel your goal isn’t right or it doesn’t represent who you are anymore then you can change your goal. There is nothing wrong with change, as we all grow older, get different views, change our opinions and see the world from a different perspective. Don’t stick to something just because you said it once, while you already feel it’s not for you anymore. Make new goals and trust in your inner power and intuition who knows what is best for you.

When you’ve made new goals, start making plans on how to achieve it and be open-minded. Try to see the different roads you can take and choose the right one. It doesn’t have to be the easiest one, most of the time it’s not the easiest one but it will be the most rewarding one. A reward isn’t only money, a reward is way bigger than that, don’t get stuck in the materialistic world. Rewards are life lessons, perspectives, opinions, changes, progress, helping others and becoming or being a good person.

If we make up in our minds that we are not capable of achieving something because we think it’s too difficult, then we will never be able to achieve it. It’s all about our mindset. It’s most important to believe in yourself and if what you do will benefit others as well, you’re doing the right thing.

Don’t be scared of leaving your ‘comfort zone’, embrace the change, make the steps and do what you believe is right for you. Don’t let others tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. We are all unique and we all came on this planet to do something special. You don’t need to be famous to do something special, you don’t need to be a millionaire to do something special. To do something special, you need to stay true to yourself and find joy in what you do.

If you do the right things, the universe will help you to achieve those goals and you need not worry about finances, being unemployed, your mortgage or bills to pay. It will all fall in to place, as long as you put the work in for the right reasons and with a positive attitude.

Believe in your own capabilities.