Fly high like the birds in the sky

Vuela alto como las aves en el cielo

‘Together we can change the world’

‘Juntos podemos cambiar el mundo’

I want to share life changing experiences with all of you. Stories about people that will inspire us, true life stories that will give humanity hope and shows that true unconditional love truly exists.

To be able to share this with as many people as possible I will write every blog in English and in Spanish. Both languages are second and third languages for me so forgive me if I make any mistakes. Feel free to comment or correct on any blog, as you will be able to help me improve.

Yo quiero compartir experiencias que cambiaron vidas de las personas, con ustedes. Historias sobre gente que nos inspiran, historias verdaderas que puede dar esperanza a la humanidad y demuestra que el verdadero amor realmente existe.

Para poder compartir eso con más gente posible, estaré escribiendo cada blog tanto en Inglés como en Español. Los dos idiomas son mi segundo y tercer idioma, asi que perdoname si cometo errores ortograficos. Sientese libre de comentar o corregir a cualquiera de mis blogs, asi me puedes ayudar a mejorar.


La vida puede ser tan complicada y a la vez puede ser tan fácil. De hecho, depende completamente de nosotros mismos que tan complicado que lo hacemos. Si vivimos por miedo a los cambios y siempre nos mantenemos en el mismo lugar, con los mismos problemas, con el mismo dolor emocional y con las mismas personas, no nos permitimos crecer. Seguiremos sintiendo el dolor de algo que sucedió hace 10 años, mientras que esto ya no debería afectarnos. Hoy es un nuevo día, es un nuevo comienzo, obtienes nueva energía y debes permitirte dejar atrás las experiencias pasadas. Aferrarse a ella solo te hará sentir pesado, triste y decepcionado de ti mismo. No tengas miedo de dar ese paso hacia una nueva vida, hacer un cambio y dejar atrás todo lo negativo.

Estamos tan acostumbrados a mantener los mismos patrones en la vida, si hemos entrado y salido de relaciones de abuso, es muy probable que entremos nuevamente en una relación de abuso porque es familiar y amamos la familiaridad, incluso si nos perjudica. La cosa es amarte a ti mismo y permitirte ser amado y romper ese patrón tan familiar y abrirse a algo completamente nuevo. Sé consciente de que mereces ser amado, mereces a alguien que te trate bien y no a alguien que te haga sentir mal o que no pueda conectarse emocionalmente contigo. En primer lugar, ámate a ti mismo y comprende que no “necesitas” a alguien más para ser feliz, puedes ser feliz por ti mismo y si encuentras a alguien con quien compartir tu felicidad, entonces dale con todo. Y no pienses que eres ‘afortunado’ cuando encuentras a alguien con quien puedes compartir eso porque no tiene nada que ver con la suerte, es algo que mereces, es algo que todos merecemos, es nuestro derecho de ser amados y dar amor.

Vez, cuando te abres a la abundancia, de cualquier forma, amor, felicidad, economía, familia, amigos o trabajo, verás que cai en tu camino cuando sea el momento adecuado. Solo tienes que aprovechar las oportunidades que recibes y no lo dejas pasar porque crees que no eres lo suficientemente bueno o no eres capaz de hacer esto o lo otro. Eres capaz, puedes hacerlo y si lo deseas lo lograrás. Confía en ti mismo, confía en tu poder, tu inteligencia y tu intuición.


Life can be so complicated and at the same time it can be so easy. It actually completely depends on ourselves how complicated we make it. If we’re living out of fear for changes and always stay in the same spot, with the same problems, with the same emotional pain and with the same people we don’t allow ourselves to grow. We will keep feeling the pain of something that has happened 10 years ago while this shouldn’t be affecting us anymore. Today is a new day, it’s a new start, you get new energy and you should allow yourself to let go of past experiences. Holding on to it will only make you feel heavy, sad and disappointed in yourself. Don’t be afraid to take that step to a new life, a step to make a change and to leave all negative behind.

We’re so used to keep the same patterns in life, if we’ve entered and leaved relationships of abuse, it’s very probable we enter once again in a relationship of abuse because it’s familiar and we love familiarity even if it hurts us. The thing is to love yourself and allow yourself to be loved and break that so familiar pattern and open up to something completely new. Be conscious that you deserve to be loved, you deserve someone that treats you right and not someone that makes you feel bad or isn’t able to connect emotionally with you. First of all, love yourself and understand you don’t ‘need’ someone else to be happy, you can be happy by yourself and if you find someone you can share your happiness with, then go for it. And don’t think you’re ‘lucky’ when you find someone you can share that with because it has nothing to do with luck, it’s something that you deserve, it’s something all of us deserve, it’s our birth right to be loved and give love.

You see, when you open up to abundance, in any kind of way, love, happiness, economy, family, friends or work, you will see it will come on your path when the moment is right. You only have to seize the opportunities you get and don’t let it slip because you think you’re not good enough or no capable of doing this or that. You are capable, you can do it and if you want it you will make it. Trust in yourself, trust in your power, your intelligence and your intuition.

Dream ?


I’m in an empty room, it’s dark outside and I can see the moonlight shining through the window. I’m sitting on the cold floor, made from rocks and dirt, covered with twigs and leafs. Looking at the window I notice that the wooden shelf has various cracks in it. The first crack I see is small and has the shape of a lightning in the dark sky. It reminds me of the first time I fell of my bike and I got back up to try again, not surrendering to defeat. That fire burning inside of me to achieve the goal I set was and has always been my driving motor and I shall never allow it to be turned off.

Suddenly I feel some tingling sensation on the skin of my arm, starting at the wrist, going up little by little. I look down to my arm and see a spider walking with his eight legs up to my shoulder. With curiosity I look at its beautiful colors that reflect in the sunlight. It has a blue back with a yellow head and it’s paws are long and black with tiny hairs on it. Somehow I feel a deep connection with the spider, as if it’s trying to tell me something.

Suddenly a memory pops into my head, I see myself as a little girl running to the other side of the room because a big spider was on the wall. I screamed for my brother to help me but he wasn’t home, nobody was home, I was alone, nobody could help me. I had to do it myself but I didn’t have the courage to kill the spider. So I remember my mother using a glass and a paper to take spiders out of the house. Armed with a glass and paper, with a lot of care and fear at the same time, I put the glass on top of the spider and slide the paper under it. The  spider was now inside the glass, I walked downstairs and then to the garden as quickly as possible and released him outside.

Now I understand the connection with the spider, it’s telling me I’ve overcome my fears with the memory being the first step, doing it myself. Now I just let the spider walk on me, without fear or panic, feeling a curiosity about its structure, its colors and its paws. With my hand I take it of my arm and walk up towards the window. I put it on the wooden window shelf and I thank her for her company.

While I’m at the window I see a falling star across the beautiful sky, I put my hands together and I make a wish. In my thoughts I say the next words:

“Let the world be at peace, let this planet be a place where humans can live in harmony with mother nature and its animals. Let technology be a tool and not a necessity, let status disappear and let us find a new way of living so we can have equality for everyone. Everyone and every living thing has the same value and the same opportunities. Let our lives be ruled by love, light and positivity.”

As I open my eyes an owl appears in front of me, with bright yellowish big round eyes, looking straight at mine. “When did I open that window ?” I feel the cold breeze of the wind outside, on my face, waking my senses. The owl has white, brown and gray feathers and a small orange beak and suddenly starts picking at my fingers. It wasn’t picking in an aggressive way, it just touched my fingers slightly, it wasn’t painful and it seemed he wanted to show me something. When he stopped picking my fingers I passed my hand over his head and felt the soft touch of its feathers. At that very moment I felt an energy boost going from my hand through my body and out of my head. Automatically my eyes closed and all I could see was a bright white light. I felt completely at peace without a worry in the world. When I opened my eyes again I could see the owl flying away disappearing in the darkness in between the trees. In my heart I thanked him for his visit and for passing on his healing powers.

Walking away from the window I sit down on the floor again but it doesn’t feel cold anymore. It’s warm and I feel a pleasant heat flowing into my body warming me from head to toe. I close my eyes again, breathing profoundly and calm, feeling at peace. That state of peace takes me into a deep sleep.

Without an idea of how much time has passed I open my eyes and I look around, I’m lying in my soft bed and this bright orange yellowish light from the sun is shining into my room. There is a wooden closet in my room and I have flowers on the bed stand. It is not the same room I was in before and on the wall is a clock pointing at 07:07.

It was all a dream.

Or was it?

Dejar las maletas atrás

Merezco lo mejor de lo mejor. Merezco lo más bello de lo más bello porque soy digno y me valoro lo suficiente como para permitir la abundancia y la positividad en mi vida.

No nos decimos estas palabras lo suficiente y con demasiada frecuencia nos victimizamos. Es importante darse cuenta de que tomamos nuestras propias decisiones y también decidimos a dónde llevamos nuestras vidas. Si asumimos el papel de víctima y sentimos pena por nosotros mismos, seguimos llorando por nuestro pasado y no lo dejamos ir, nunca encontraremos una vida plena.

Sí, hemos cometido errores, sí, nos han tratado mal, sí, hemos estado en situaciones dolorosas y traumáticas, pero eso no significa que debamos llevar ese peso con nosotros el resto de nuestras vidas. Por el contrario, no nos sucedió para que lo cargamos hasta el día de nuestra muerte, sino que nos dieron algunas lecciones valiosas. Deberíamos llevar estas lecciones con nosotros, pero el equipaje debe dejarse atrás. Deja esa maleta con amor y compasión en un hábitat natural y deja que la madre naturaleza te ayude a limpiarla. Ella sabe qué hacer y cómo hacerlo, solo tienes que confiar en ella y asegurarte de no guardar nada de lo que queda en esa maleta.

Cuando lo dejaste atrás y le pediste a la madre naturaleza que lo limpiara, deberías tomarte el tiempo para perdonarte a ti mismo. No hay necesidad de esperar el perdón de otras personas, puedes disculparte con ellos, pero depende de ellos si te perdonan y eso es por su propio interés. Perdonarte es lo mejor para ti y nadie más puede hacer eso por ti mismo. Es la aceptación de tu situación del pasado y el reconocimiento de que tienes el poder en tus manos para sacar el máximo provecho de tu situación actual. Hoy no es ayer, hoy no es mañana, hoy es ahora y ahora es un nuevo comienzo y puede ser exactamente como tu quieres que sea.

Nadie es responsable de tus emociones, usted elige cómo se siente y elige cómo reaccionar, nadie más lo hace por ti. Sé consciente de eso y toma las decisiones correctas, vive en un ambiente positivo y rodéate de energía positiva. Sea también un faro de luz lleno de energía positiva para los demás, para que ellos también puedan aprender a ser positivos y vivir una vida plena.

Levantemos el uno al otro y reconozcamos cuán bendecidos somos de vivir en este hermoso planeta Tierra.

Comparta amor, compasión y luz.

Leave those bags behind

I deserve the best of the best. I deserve the most beautiful of the most beautiful because I am worthy and I value myself enough to allow abundance and positivity in my life.

We don’t say these words enough to ourselves and far too often we victimize ourselves. It’s important to  realize that we make our own decisions and we decide where we lead our lives too. If we take on the victim role and feel sorry for ourselves, keep crying about our past and not letting it go, we shall never encounter a fulfilling life.

Yes, we’ve made mistakes, yes we’ve been treated poorly, yes we’ve been in painful and traumatic situations but that doesn’t mean we need to carry that weight with us the rest of our lives. On the contrary, that didn’t happen to us to be carried around until the day we die, instead it happened to us to get some valuable lessons out of it. We should carry these lessons with us but the baggage has to be left behind. Leave that bag, with love and compassion in a natural habitat and let mother nature help you to clean it up. She knows what to do and how to do it, you just have to trust her with it and make sure you don’t keep any piece of what’s left in that bag.

When you left it behind and asked mother nature to clean it up, you should take the time to forgive yourself. There is no need to wait for forgiveness of other people, you can apologize to them but it’s up to them if they forgive you and that is for their own best interest. You forgiving yourself is in your own best interest and nobody else can do that for you. It’s the acceptance of your past life situation and the acknowledgement that you have the power in your hands to make the best out of your current life situation. Today is not yesterday, today is not tomorrow, today is right now and right now is a fresh new start and it can be exactly the way you want it to be.

Nobody is responsible for your emotions, you choose how you feel and you choose how to react, nobody else does that for you. Be conscious about that and make the right choices, live in a positive environment and surround yourself with positive energy. Be a beacon of light filled with positive energy for others as well, so they too can learn to be positive and live a fulfilling life.

Lets uplift each other and recognize how blessed we are to be living on this beautiful planet Earth.

Share love, share compassion and share light.

Tiempo del duelo

Han pasado casi 11 años y nunca me tomé el tiempo de lamentar. Realmente nunca dije adiós ni hecho las paces con la situación. Fue muy traumático y emocionalmente doloroso. La forma en que había muerto fue nada menos que tortura y asesinato. Recuerdo cuando entré al baño para limpiar la sangre que me sorprendió la cantidad de sangre que estaba viendo. Era como si alguien hubiera derramado cubos de agua, pero en lugar de agua era sangre roja espesa con coágulos de sangre mezclados. Podía sentir y ver cómo había sucedido todo y no podía creer que las personas fueran capaces de realizar actos tan monstruosos.

No lloré frente a mi novio, ni frente a su familia porque no quería que me vieran llorar. De alguna manera, todavía sentía que llorar era algo débil y que las personas fuertes no lloran. Retuve mis lágrimas durante mucho tiempo y solo las dejé caer cuando estaba sola.

En ese momento tenía 19 años, y tenía tantas cosas sucediendo, después de su muerte, solo 8 días después murió mi abuela. Una semana después descubrí que mi novio me estaba engañando. Dos semanas después tuve que mudarme de la casa y comenzar a vivir sola, rompiendo todo contacto con mi padre que duró cuatro años.
El tiempo para llorar o lamentar, no era una posibilidad, estaba estudiando, trabajando, viviendo sola y entrenando hasta dos veces al día. Fue un momento realmente difícil y no tenía un hombro para llorar, así que tuve que mantenerme firme y seguir adelante sin pensar en todas las cosas que estaban sucediendo y sucedieron. Simplemente me apagué completamente de mis emociones y trabajé como un robot.

Ahora es diferente, ahora tengo el tiempo y ahora he tomado la decisión de finalmente hacer las paces con todo lo sucedido y darme espacio para el dolor. Finalmente diré adiós y finalmente dejaré caer mis lágrimas para procesar lo que he pasado y lo que ella ha pasado hace 11 años. La quiero, le envío amor y luz y le abriré la puerta para que pueda continuar donde necesita estar. Que su alma continúe hacia la luz donde pertenece y que llegará allí por amor. Te perdono y te quiero.

Time to grief

It’s been almost 11 years ago now and I actually never took the time to mourn. I never really said my goodbye’s or came at peace with the situation. It was very traumatic and emotionally painful. The way she had died was nothing less than torture and murder. I remember when I entered the bathroom to clean up the blood that I was shocked about the amount of blood I was seeing. It was as if someone had spilled buckets of water but instead of water it was thick red blood with blood clots mixed in it. I could feel and see how it all had happened and couldn’t believe that people are capable of doing such monstrous acts.

I didn’t cry in front of my boyfriend, neither in front of his family because I didn’t want them to see me cry. Somehow I felt that it was a weak thing to do and strong people don’t cry. I withheld my tears for a long time and only let it fall when I was alone.

At that time, I was 19 years old, I had so many things going on, after her death, only 8 days later my grandmother died. A week later I found out that my boyfriend was cheating on me. Two weeks after I had to move out of the house and start living on my own, breaking all contact with my father which lasted for four years.

Time to mourn or grief, wasn’t a possibility, I was studying, working, living on my own and training up to twice a day. It was a really tough time and didn’t have a shoulder to cry on so I had to stand strong and keep on going without thinking about all the things that were going on and had happened. I just completely shut myself off from my emotions and worked like a robot.

Now it’s different, now I have the time and now I’ve made the decision to finally make my peace with all that had happened and give myself room to grief. Finally I will say my goodbye’s and finally I will let my tears fall to process what I’ve been through and what she’s been through 11 years ago. I love her, I send her love and light and will open the doorway for her so she can continue to where she needs to be. May her soul continue to the light where she belongs and will she get there by love. I forgive you beautiful woman and I love you.


Asi, que ya llevamos seis semanas en cuarentena y he sentido muchas emociones diferentes durante esas semanas. Seis semanas, sin un trabajo remunerado, sin poder enseñar a mis alumnos, sin poder reunirme con amigos o ir a un restaurante. En algunos momentos me siento frustrada, enojada, triste y muy curiosa sobre cómo seguirán las cosas después de la cuarentena.

Ayer tuve una conversación sobre el apoyo que el gobierno peruano está dando a la gente. Están dando una cantidad de dinero a las familias más pobres y canastas llenas de alimentos primarios como arroz, aceite, frijoles y azúcar. El presidente dijo que estas canastas tienen el valor de 80 soles cada una. Realmente aprecio al gobierno peruano por cuidar a su gente y asegurarse de que todos al menos tengan algo para comer.

Pero durante esa conversación descubrí que muchos alcaldes de diferentes municipios no están entregando la canasta con un valor de 80 soles, sino mucho menos. Esto significa que están robando comida que se supone que debe ir a la gente pobre. Además, no todas las familias pobres han recibido el dinero que les prometieron. Estas familias están sufriendo, ya que no tienen ahorros para comprar suministros de alimentos.

Historias como estas pueden hacerme enojar y frustrar mucho por la injusticia que se comete a tanta gente. Ya es suficientemente malo que tengamos que estar encerrados en nuestras casas, pero aún peor para las personas que no tienen nada para comer. Además de eso, continúan extendiendo la cuarentena en lugar de ser completamente honestos y dan una fecha más realista, de la que probablemente ya saben. Esperamos dos semanas y antes de que finalicen las dos semanas nos dicen que la cuarentena se extenderá dos semanas más. ¿Cómo podemos confiar en un gobierno que no está siendo sincero? Prefiero que nos digan de inmediato cuál es la fecha de finalización, aunque falten dos meses. De esa manera, sabemos lo que podemos esperar y podemos intentar prepararnos para los tiempos que vienen.

En otros momentos, cuando miro mi situación personal, me siento muy feliz y agradecida de tener finalmente mucho tiempo libre y hacer lo que quiera hacer. Estoy haciendo muchas cosas para las que normalmente no tengo tiempo, pero ahora sí, y no creo que vuelva a tener esta posibilidad pronto. Es por eso que estoy tratando de aprovecharlo al máximo. Estoy en un lugar hermoso, rodeado de montañas asombrosas llenas de naturaleza y obtuve algunos buenos libros para leer gracias a mis amigas que me los dieron. Estoy más agradecida que nunca por todas las amistades que tengo y feliz de tener tiempo para hablar con ellos. Puedo ponerme al día con muchos amigos con los que no he hablado en mucho tiempo porque ambas partes siempre estaban demasiado ocupadas.

Estoy usando todo mi tiempo para leer mis libros sobre nutrición basada a plantas y arquetipos femeninos. Estoy haciendo un curso en línea sobre ayurveda que también se centra en la nutrición. Me encanta aprender y me estoy tomando el tiempo para aprender sobre todo esto. ¿Por qué? Porque con ese conocimiento puedo ayudarme a mí misma y a otras personas. Acabo de terminar un curso en línea sobre plantas medicinales, que considero muy importante, ya que nuestro medicamento puede provenir simplemente de la naturaleza en lugar de fabricarse químicamente en un laboratorio. Estoy caminando en la naturaleza, todavía estoy haciendo ejercicio, a veces dibujo o coloreo mandalas, lo cual es muy terapéutico por cierto. La meditación es mi práctica diaria para acercarme a mí misma. Hago yoga y cocino mucho y, además, escribo cada vez que me siento inspirada, que es una de mis pasiones.

¡La vida es simplemente hermosa!

Lo mejor de todo esto es que la naturaleza tiene tiempo para descansar, al igual que nosotros los humanos. Los niveles de contaminación se han reducido drásticamente en todas partes del mundo. Los ríos contaminados ahora son cristalinos, los cielos llenos de smog han desaparecido y la gente ahora puede ver las estrellas por la noche. Han aparecido animales que pensábamos que estaban extintos e incluso los animales “salvajes” van a las ciudades. Finalmente, la madre naturaleza tuvo un merecido descanso.


So, we’re already six weeks in quarantine and I’ve felt many different emotions during those weeks. Six weeks, without a paid job, without being able to teach my students, without being able to meet friends or go to a restaurant. Some moments I feel frustrated, angry, sad and very curious about how things will go on after the quarantaine.

Yesterday I had a conversation about the support the Peruvian government is giving to the people. They are giving out an amount of money to the poorest families and baskets filled with primary food supplies like rice, oil, beans and sugar. The president said that these baskets have the value of 80 soles each. I really appreciate the Peruvian government for taking care of their people and making sure everyone at least has some food to eat.

But during that conversation I found out that many mayors from different municipalities are not delivering the basket with a value of 80 soles but far less. This means that they are stealing food which is supposed to go to the poor people. Also, not all poor families have received the money they were promised. These families are suffering, as they don’t have any savings to buy any food supplies.

Stories like these can make me very angry and frustrated because of the injustice that is done to so many people. It’s already bad enough that we have to be locked up in our houses but even worse for the people that don’t have anything to eat. On top of that they keep extending the quarantine instead of being completely honest and give a more realistic date, of which they probably already know of. We wait two weeks and before the two weeks end they tell us the quarantine will be extended two more weeks. How can we rely on a government that isn’t being truthful? I prefer they’d tell us straight away what the end date is, even though it might be two months away. That way, we know what we can expect and we can try to prepare ourselves for the times that are coming.

At other moments, when I look at my personal situation, I feel so happy and grateful to finally have a lot of free time and do whatever I feel like doing. I am doing so many things I normally don’t have time for but now I do and I don’t believe I will get this change again soon. That’s why I’m trying to make the most out of it. I’m in a beautiful location, surrounded by astonishing mountains full of nature and got some good books to read thanks to my friends that gave those to me. I’m more grateful then ever for all the friendships that I have and happy that I have time to speak with them. I can catch up with many friends I haven’t spoken to in a while because both sides were always too busy.

I’m using all my time to read my books about plant based nutrition and female archetypes. I’m doing an online course on ayurveda which is also focused on nutrition. I love to learn and I’m taking the time to learn about all of this. Why? Because with that knowledge I can help myself and other people. I just finished an online course about herbalism, which I consider very important, as our medicine can come simply from nature instead of chemically made in a laboratory. I’m taking walks in nature, I’m still excercising, sometimes I draw or colour mandalas, which is very therapeutic by the way. Meditation is my daily practice to get closer to myself. I do yoga and I do a lot of cooking and on top of that I’m writing everytime I feel inspired which is one of my passions.

Life is just beautiful!

The best of all of this, is that nature got a time to rest, just like us humans. Contamination levels have gone down drastically in all parts of the world. Contaminated rivers are now cristal clear, skies full of smog have disappeared and people can now see the stars at night. Animals that we thought were extinct have shown up and even ‘wild’ animals go into the cities. Finally, mother nature got some well deserved rest.

University and schools

How many times someone hasn’t told me, they have no opportunities because they have not studied. In many conversations with young people they told me that they are not smart because they aren’t going to university. They tell me that they can’t do anything without studies because without it they lack the knowledge to do things.

The university gives you intelligence?

We all have intelligence, it is part of us and it is up to each one of us to develop it or leave it aside because you believe that you need schools to develop it. What colleges and universities do is give information which you then have to memorize and test it in an exam. In some cases they leave you the opportunity to do practical work, which will help you to know how to carry out what you have learned but only according to the way they teach you. In many colleges and universities they do not leave free space to explore and be creative and innovative.

I do not want to say that colleges and universities are bad and it does not serve us, but it would be good to change the education system. And what I do mean is that you don’t need to depend on a college or university to develop your intelligence or mind. If colleges and universities give us information, we can also get that information ourselves.

What do they use in schools?

Books, internet and teachers who teach through this information and their own knowledge. You can find books and information on the internet everywhere, use it to educate yourself. You don’t need to wait for the teacher or the school to be educated. You, yourself have the ability to do it and if there are things you do not understand, you can look for a person who does understand or has experience in what you are learning.

There are many people in the world who have become successful without having studied. What made them successful? Innovation, doing things their own way without the obligation to follow a certain protocol that was taught in school. Being autonomous and trusting in one’s abilities is the most important thing to achieve success. Being very dedicated to what you want to achieve and learning about it in different ways helps you achieve your goals.

Staying with the idea that you cannot achieve anything due to lack of studies and therefore sitting at home watching TV is not going to take you anywhere. Start making an effort, educate yourself and believe in your abilities and your intelligence.

You can do it while you make that effort for it.